Have you been to any LED Driver manufacturer’s website to only realize how difficult it is to select the right driver for your luminaire needs?


Well, let me tell you about it – as a distributor representing leading brands including the top 5 brands globally, even for us it is challenging! The tools are not optimally created, not advanced enough and most importantly are not up to date.


We are very excited to present to you the latest most advanced Inventronics web-based LED Driver selection tool.

The benefits:

1.       The tool is far more advanced and gives you more than 10 different advanced filters. You can slice and dice the results to exactly how you want to.

2.       The tool continually displays you the most up-to-date Inventronics drivers. In fact, it is more up to date than even the Inventronics website. You will never be unaware of the available product lines.

3.       Need to analyze in Excel? You can export your results directly into Excel.

4.       Need samples? Click on the table view to get samples!




                                                         With The Lighting Compass you can: