Here's Why Bender+Wirth should be your #1 Choice for LED COB Connectors!

Bender+Wirth LED Connectors 430 & 630 Series

This German brand (established in 1899) has a comprehensive portfolio of LED connectors and holders.
With a focus on innovation, their 
LED Holders are extremely effective and are designed to enable customers to develop Zhaga compliant modules and are compliant with various optic brands!


Basic LED Holders - 430 Series

- Basic LED holders with solderless electrical connections.
- Total thickness of 2 to 2.5 mm
- Improved optical performance

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Feature What does this mean for you?
Made out of Mica Easily endure high temperatures up to 600°C and can be used in high power solutions.
High flexibility With 1000 variants, extremely comprehensive to cover most LED brands.
Improved heat transfer from COB to Heatsink COB operates at lower temperature preventing premature LED failure.
Extreme Low Profiles Form a highly compact and thin units with holder & optics.

Hybrid COB Holder 630 Series (RECENT!)

- Combines design flexibility of injection moulding with thermal performance of micanite.
- Safe contacting of the LED.
- Consists of a
low profile housing with an optical interface and the COB holder.

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Feature What does this mean for you?
Automated Assembly Cost and time benefit in eliminating separate assembly costs.
Modular Plastic Housing Integrated optical interfaces.
 Push-in Terminals & COB clip-in function Convenient for high levels of production & simplifies assemble of luminaires and light engines.
 Interchangeable bottom plate and Optical Interface on top plate Modular concept to accommodate infinite combinations of COBs and LED optics.
Flat Holders (from 2mm thickness) Compared to plastic holders, they are thin and can be used when there are space constraints.
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